About Darcy

Hi! I'm Darcy, owner of Darcy's Grooming & Salon. I started training and showing my Collies in obedience and conformation at a very young age. At the age of 12 I won a bronze medal at the Eastern Division Science Congress for my study of whether or not dogs could distinguish between colors that showed exactly the same on a grayscale. I trained my dog to respond with a sit or down to the different colors and determined that dogs were able to distinguish the different colors.

At 14 I took my first obedience classes and began grooming and showing my own dogs. I would even take in the neighborhood dogs and trim them up.

I fell in love with all aspects of the dog world.

I have been Grooming Pets for others since my graduation from the M&M School of Dog Grooming in 1979.

I have owned and trained many rescue and second hand pets over the years and at this time own a Whippet, a Retriever-mix, and 3 Belgian Malinois. I am currently training and competing with some of my dogs in agility and rally obedience.

In order to keep up to date with current trends in grooming and training , I attend seminars, trade shows and workshops, whenever possible.

To see photos of my past and current pets click here.