Welcome to Darcy's Grooming, LLC

462 Niagara Falls Blvd

Tonawanda, NY 14223

Phone: 716-836-0456 Fax: 716-836-5103

A picture of Noodles and Mickey.
Noodles and Mickey

We at Darcy's Grooming work hard to make our canine and feline clients feel comfortable and secure during their grooming stay with us. Owners frequently comment that their pets seem excited when they hear "they are going to see Darcy", and many of them race to door ready to come and visit with us.

We also hold high standards when it comes to the grooming of your pet; we use high quality products that are made specifically for dogs and cats.

Safety is always a priority with each pet, we do not use heated cage dryers and your pet will never be left unattended on a grooming table.

Cleanliness is extremely important to us. Not only do we clean up the hair between each pet, but we also clean and disinfect the tables, kennels, and equipment as well. Towels are never reused from pet to pet and are washed daily, a washer and dryer are on site for this purpose.

In our store you will find a selection of toys, treats, grooming products, jackets and sweaters, collars and leashes. We carry Lupine™ collars and leashes-guaranteed (even if chewed)

A picture of the shop.
A picture of the shop.